Hundred Dollar Bills

The (One Hundred) 100 dollar bill features BENJAMIN FRANKLIN - U.S. statesman, diplomat and inventor.

On its back, the note displays an image of the Independence Hall.

Also known as "Benjamins" and "C-Notes" these American bills are the highest amount in regular circulation in the country and one of two not featuring a United States president, (the other one is a ten dollar bill that depicts Alexander Hamilton).

Other nicknames include: Benjis, Franklin, Frank, Benjy, Ben, or Benny. Big-Faced Hundred, Hundie, Hunski, and Hundo, very popular with poker players. 100 Clams, 100 Bones, C-B, from the Roman numeral C for 100, and B for Bill. Charlie, from the Radio alphabet letter C. Big One, refers to the largest denomination currently in use.

The first one hundred dollar bill, created in 1862, had a picture of the bald eagle on it.


Here's the new 100 dollar bill with new security features and some major changes in the bill's design. In circulation in 2013.

New 100 Dollar bill

This is the first major redesign of the bill since 1996, adding a number of anti-counterfeiting technology.

The most important new security feature is the 3-D Security Ribbon that runs along the right side of Franklin's face. The ribbon is marked with an image of the liberty bell and the number 100. As the bill is moved back and forth, the 100s change to liberty bells and vice versa. The images also appear to move.

Another great security feature is the Bell in the Inkwell, which changes color from copper to green when the bill is moved.


One Hundred Dollar Bill - 1996

100 DOLLAR BILL - Original

100 Dollar Bill Original


100 Canadian Dollar Bill - 1954

FAQs about the old and the new one hundred dollar bill

1. What are the key security features on the old $100 bill?

The old $100 bill, issued before 2013, features security elements such as a security thread, watermark, color-shifting ink, and a portrait watermark. These features were designed to deter counterfeiting.

2. How does the new $100 bill differ in design from the old one?

The new $100 bill, introduced in 2013, has a more modern and sophisticated design. It includes a 3D security ribbon, color-changing ink, and a larger portrait of Benjamin Franklin. The overall design aims to enhance security and make it more difficult to replicate.

3. What is the purpose of the 3D security ribbon on the new $100 bill?

The 3D security ribbon on the new $100 bill is a dynamic feature that displays images of bells and 100s as the bill is tilted. This holographic-like element is challenging to reproduce and provides an additional layer of security against counterfeiting.

4. Are the dimensions of the old and new $100 bills the same?

Yes, both the old and new $100 bills share the same dimensions. They are 2.61 inches wide by 6.14 inches long. The consistent size ensures compatibility with existing currency handling and processing systems.

5. How has the color palette changed between the old and new $100 bills?

The color palette of the new $100 bill is more vibrant and includes shades of blue, gold, and orange. The use of color-shifting ink also adds complexity, making it harder for counterfeiters to replicate the intricate details found on the bill.

6. What security measures make the new $100 bill more advanced than its predecessor?

The new $100 bill incorporates advanced security features like the 3D security ribbon, color-changing ink, and an embedded security thread with alternating images. These enhancements make it more resistant to counterfeiting compared to the security features on the old $100 bill.



Little Timmy was told that everybody has a secret.

Little Timmy was told at school today, that everybody had a secret, so dark that they would do anything to keep it a secret.

So he decided to test this out.

He went to his mom and looked straight into her eyes and said : Mom I know your secret.

And without a moment passing his mom burst in tears and handed him 20 dollars, telling him to keep the secret to himself.

With 20 dollars in his pocket, he was quick running to his father, staring at him the way he stared at his mom stating : Dad... I know your secret.

With shaking hands his dad, grabbed his wallet from his pocket, dragging out a 100 dollar bill, handing it to Timmy , stating. "Don´t tell anyone about it".

Could this be? Timmy thought to himself and wow already got 120 bucks for this. And as he was going outside he was greeted by the post man.

Thinking that he could gain a quick buck he stared intensely at the mail man and with a clear sound voice he said to him. " I know your secret "

And in that same moment the postman, fell to his knee´s. "Come here son, I am so happy you finally know!"


One day, a 1 dollar bill and a hundred dollar bill got folded together and began talking about their life experiences.

The one hundred dollar bill began to brag: "I've had a great life," he said. "I have been to all the big hotels, Donald Trump himself used me at his casino, I've been in the wallets of Fortune 500 board members, I've flown from one end of the country to the other in first class! I have even been in the wallet of 2 United States Presidents, and once when Princess Diana visited the USA, she used me to buy a packet of gum."

In awe, the dollar humbly responded, "Gee, nothing like that has ever happened to me.... But I've been to church a lot!"


So a guy wanted to get a tattoo of a 100 dollar bill on his penis, so he went to a tattoo artist.

The tattoo artist asked the guy why he really wanted to get a 100 dollar bill on his penis.

And the guy said, for one I like to play with my money. For two, I like to watch my money grow and Third, my girlfriend can blow 100 bucks better than anyone else.


I decided against buying a belt made of 100 dollar bills.

It's a waist of money.

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