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Divorce is the process of dissolution of a marriage or marital union. It could cause depression, self-esteem difficulties, isolation, loneliness, may influence well-being, or cause other psychological distress on one or both spouses.

In the United States the divorce rate is currently 2.3 persons per 1,000.

The reasons why the divorce rate in the United States is high are:

  • marrying too young
  • premarital pregnancy
  • living together before marriage
  • low income
  • limited education
  • history of divorce in the family
  • insecurity feelings
  • no religion

It’s easy to become distressed by your separation from your spouse. In that case, you should also seek the help of a professional counselor, psychiatrist, or psychologist for emotional support.

The most common reasons couples get divorced are: extramarital affairs/infidelity, lack of commitment, lack of physical intimacy, domestic violence, drug or alcohol addiction, conflict/arguing, Irreconcilable differences, debt and financial problems, incompatibility, health problems, mental illness, different values, religious differences, control issues.

The top 3 causes of divorce are:

54% of couples cited infidelity
45% of couples cited money issues
32.5% of couples cited substance abuse

Some of the effects divorce can cause on children are: Anger/Irritability, Destructive Behavior, Feelings of Guilt, Health Problems, Loss of Interest in Social Activity, Loss of Faith in Family Unit, Poor Performance in Academics, Emotional Sensitiveness, Difficulty Adapting to Change, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders and other psychological issues.

Sexless marriages in the US are estimated to be something between 10% to 20% of all marriages.

The only 2 countries that do NOT allow the dissolution of marriage are the Philippines (only Filipino Muslims have the right to do so) and the Vatican (though other than the Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and the Pope, the Swiss Guards who work to defend the Vatican City are the only people allowed to reside inside the City, and they may or may not be married.

Questions to ask your Divorce Lawyer:

Does your divorce lawyer primary handles Family Law cases?
Ask what is the percentage of divorce cases constitutes his or her practice. If the figure is low, you are better off seeking another divorce lawyer.

Does your divorce lawyer charge hourly or fixed fees?
Before the case begins, you should reach a clear and understanding fee agreement. If you are absolutely certain that your divorce will be uncontested you may choose a fixed fee divorce lawyer. Beware that if any contested issue appears during the case, the fee will probably turn to hourly.

Hourly fee attorneys require a Retainer, also known as “special retainer” or “general retainer,” which is the money deposited into the lawyer’s thrust account to start the case. The lawyer will bill against it for the hours he or she worked and bill the client monthly after that, or ask for an additional retainer after the first one has been used.

Don’t hesitate to ask your divorce lawyer to fill a restraining order or an injunction in case your estranged spouse is threatening you, physically abusing you, making annoying phone calls or any other actions you find intrusive.

It is important that your divorce lawyer be familiar with all the requirements and rules about family law of your local jurisdiction such as: Mandatory mediation, obligatory counseling for parents, appointed magistrates, and more.

Filing for Divorce

If you suspect that your spouse is preparing to file for a divorce, you should consider filing it first. Many communities have only one though divorce lawyer with good reputation.

Being the first to retain that lawyer will establish attorney-client relationship and your spouse would have to hire someone else.

Also, by being the initiating party you may strengthen your bargaining position and your case will gain some important legal and psychological advantages.

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What are the steps my wife and I could take to save our marriage?

Saving a marriage can be a challenging but rewarding endeavor. It requires both partners to be committed to working through issues and making positive changes. Here are some steps you and your wife can consider to help save your marriage:

  • Open Communication: Start by having an open and honest conversation about your feelings, concerns, and the issues in your marriage. Listen actively to each other without judgment and try to understand each other's perspectives.
  • Quality Time: Spend quality time together. Reconnect by doing activities you both enjoy. It's essential to nurture your emotional bond.
  • Counseling or Therapy: Consider seeking the help of a marriage counselor or therapist. A trained professional can provide guidance, facilitate communication, and offer strategies to resolve conflicts.
  • Identify Issues: Together, identify the specific issues that are causing problems in your marriage. This might include communication problems, trust issues, financial stress, or other factors.
  • Take Care of Yourself: Self-care is crucial. Ensure you're physically and mentally healthy to be the best partner you can be.
  • Work on Communication: Improve your communication skills. Learn to express your thoughts and feelings effectively and respectfully. Avoid blame and criticism, and focus on using "I" statements to express how you feel.
  • Empathy and Understanding: Practice empathy and try to understand each other's emotions and needs. Showing empathy can help build emotional intimacy.
  • Set Goals: Establish clear and realistic goals for your marriage. What do both of you want to achieve? Discuss your long-term vision for the relationship.
  • Forgiveness: Be willing to forgive and let go of past grievances. Holding onto resentment can poison a relationship.
  • Respect Boundaries: Respect each other's personal boundaries and individuality. Give each other space when needed.
  • Seek Support: Reach out to trusted friends and family members for support and advice. Sometimes, an outside perspective can provide valuable insights.
  • Commitment: Both partners need to be committed to the process of saving the marriage. It won't happen overnight, and it may require ongoing effort and compromise.
  • Consider Lifestyle Changes: If specific lifestyle factors, such as work-related stress, are affecting your marriage, discuss possible changes that can alleviate those stressors.
  • Seek Professional Help: If there are underlying issues like addiction, mental health problems, or abuse, it's essential to seek professional help to address these issues individually and within the marriage.
  • Review Progress: Periodically assess your progress and adjust your approach as needed. Celebrate small victories along the way.

Saving a marriage is a journey, and there are no guarantees of success. It may also be necessary to accept that, despite your best efforts, some marriages cannot be saved. In such cases, it's essential to prioritize your well-being and consider the possibility of separation or divorce as a last resort.

If your marriage is in crisis, and you find it challenging to navigate on your own, consider seeking help from a qualified marriage counselor or therapist who can provide professional guidance tailored to your specific situation.

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