A Marriage Annulment is when a court of law declares a marriage as void, abolished or nullified.


  • DIVORCE terminates the legal status of a marriage.
  • ANNULMENT invalidates and establishes that the marriage never existed.

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Couples who seek an annulment will have their marriage completed erased from the marriage books. Annulments are commonly used by Catholics who wish to remarry after the marriage has failed.

Each State controls and determines what grounds and requirements must be met for either a divorce or an annulment.


Many times, annulments occur after very short marriages, so there is no need to divide assets or debts or decide custody of children produced by the marriage.

In the case of a longer marriage that is annulled, the court will determine the dividing of assets, debts, and custody.

Unlike divorces, which can be settled without an attorney, you will need to use legal representation when filing for an annulment.


  • The spouse did not have the mental capacity required at the time he or she entered the marriage.
  • The spouse were underage when he or she entered the marriage.
  • The spouse was forced to enter into the marriage.
  • Had a mental illness at the time of the wedding
  • The spouse was fraudulently induced to marry.
  • The spouse was under duress or in a threatening situation at the time of the wedding
  • The spouse was married to another living spouse at the time he or she entered the marriage.
  • The spouse qualifies as impotent or unable to consummate the marriage
  • The spouses are blood-related. Such as: parent-child, parent-stepchild, grandparent-grandchild, aunt-nephew, uncle-niece.
  • In most States a marriage cannot be annulled just because the marriage lasted only a few weeks or months.

    Buyer's remorse and absence of sexual intercourse by themselves are not grounds to annul a marriage.


    Form FL100 - The summons must be served in order for a California Court to have jurisdiction over the other party in a dissolution of marriage, annulment, legal separation, or domestic partnership dissolution.


    • File the original with the court clerk (fees may apply)
    • Serve one copy to your spouse by a process server or through mail (if agreed)
    • Have a Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt signed by your spouse
    • Keep two copies with you in a safe place

    A famous case of marriage annulment took place in Las Vegas on January, 2004.

    After a night of partying and booze, pop singer Britney Spears decided to wed childhood buddy Jason Alexander from her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana. The union took place at 5AM on Saturday, January 3, at a nuptial warehouse called Little White Wedding Chapel on the famous Vegas Strip and lasted a whopping 55 hours. Spears eventually came to her senses and filed an annulment complaint with the Clark County District Court with the intent to wipe away her matrimony.

    In Britney’s complaint, she notes that the marriage should be dissolved because she "lacked understanding of her actions to the extent that she was incapable of agreeing to marriage because before entering into the marriage the Plaintiff and Defendant did not know each others likes and dislikes, each others desires to have or not have children, and each others desires as to State of residency."

    Around 12:30PM on Monday, January 05, Clark County District Court Judge Lisa Brown signed the annulment order granting the pop singer's request effectively erasing a marriage that is now considered one of the shortest in Hollywood.

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