Your Criminal Defense Lawyer will protect your rights and ensures that both pretrial and trial are executed fairly and in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.

Hiring a reputable defense lawyer whose practice focuses on criminal law and who knows the judges and prosecutors of your local jurisdiction is definitely a plus.

Prosecutors usually dismiss the cases that are hard to prove and plea bargain on most of the others because there are so many criminal cases in most jurisdictions that they cannot possibly take all of them to trial.

The goal of a proficient DEFENSE LAWYER is to defend individuals who have been accused of engaging in some questionable, immature, or unwise act and charged with that and any other related offenses prosecutors find by searching the Penal Code.

A good, experienced Criminal Defense Attorney is invaluable if you have been arrested or summoned to court on a criminal charge and now face the possibility of going to jail.

Experienced criminal lawyers know how to bargain with the prosecutors and which ones tend to cut the best deals. He also knows the judges and how the one assigned to your case will respond to the terms of the deal and how far he can stretch a point before he gets the gavel slammed down on him. This knowledge is essential and can make a difference in case a judge is undecided on a certain issue and could rule either way. When you find yourself as a defendant in a criminal case, you need all the edge you can get.

The lawyer you chose must fit your case, personality, and bank account. A clear and honest communication with your criminal defense lawyer is very important. He must be always upfront with his opinions about your case, disclose how he intent to defend you, and what you can expect every step of the way. He must be tough and relentless, using motions to dismiss, motions to suppress evidence, and whatever legal maneuvering is needed to make sure justice will prevail.

An experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer knows the criminal code backwards and forwards, knows what to expect from judges and prosecutors, and is always prepared.

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