The hardship letter sample you will find below, can be used as a template when writing to your bank or financial institution and ask to consider re-negotiating your debt.

Most bank will consider giving you another chance to keep current with your obligation if you:

  • State the special, legitimate circumstances tat made you fall behind on your payments.
  • Carefully explain the current situation you are in and what you are doing to get back on your feet.
  • Don’t complain, it'll make your situation even worse.
  • Represent the facts clearly and be truthful.

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Also, other letter samples including debt settlement letter, mortgage hardship and credit card hardship letters.

You can copy and paste to your word processor this hardship letter sample for your personal use only.

Make the necessary changes on this hardship letter sample by including your personal information and current situation in order to make it your own, a unique letter.

Again, this letter is for PERSONAL USE ONLYPosting this COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL without permission on your BLOG or WEBSITE is PROHIBITED

How to Write a Hardship Letter Sample - Free Template


Lender's Name

Lender's Address

Lender's fax number or e-mail

RE: Hardship Letter for Account Number:___________________

Dear Mr./Mrs.: (find out the name of the person responsible for reading this type of request)

I have been working for (name of the company) since (August, 2004), until the recent downturn in the economy caused my employer to (reduce my hours, lay me off.) 

Many companies were forced to reduce they workforce and consequently it became even harder than I expected to find another job. I am struggling for several months now to take care of my family and to make my (credit card, loan, mortgage payment.) 

Last (month/week) I was also hit with (a death in the family, some not expected medical expenses, car needed to work broke down, expensive home repair, explain with more details your hardship here).

I am now temporarily (with a part-time job paying less, unemployed) and my current financial situation cannot sustain a (credit card bill, loan payment, or home mortgage of $3.000,00) per month.

After trying to borrow money unsuccessfully from family and friends, I have no choice but to ask you for a (loan modification, debt re-organization, lower interest rate, debt settlement, short sale of our family home.) Currently, the payment amount I could afford cannot be more than (1,500,00) per month.

I would ask that you please assist me in this matter, so I can avoid (bankruptcy, foreclosure), which will not beneficial for any of us. If you have any questions, or need further information from me, Please contact me at (your phone #).


(If given the chance, I feel confident that I can maintain a lower mortgage payment and stay current. My home is very important to my family and, within my financial means, I will do whatever you suggest to help us keep the home we love.)

I truly appreciate any help you can give in this matter. If you have any questions, or need further information from me, you may contact me at (your phone # with area code).


Home Owner’s Name

Home Owner’s Address

Account number

Keep in mind that it is preferred to write a genuine, personal letter, rather than a sample.

Documents you’ll probably need. The law varies from state to state, check with your bank or financial institution for all the documents required.

  • Last two MONTHS of paycheck stubs or unemployment verification letter
  • Last two MONTHS of checking and savings statements (all ages)
  • Last 2 YEARS of W2s.
  • Last 2 YEARS of tax returns (Federal) 
  • Last 2 YEARS of profit and loss statement (if self-employed)
  • Utility bill (most recent)
  • HOA statement (if required)
  • Recent repair damage estimate (if these services were required for the house)

If you stop your mortgage payments, you risk losing your house and damaging your credit.

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