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A properly written financial authorization letter will authorize a person to be able to act on your behalf, when you are unable or unavailable to act yourself. 

This document confirms the person's authority to take specific actions for you, such as in financial issues, legal matters or health directives.

A letter of authorization comes in handy in the following financial situations and transactions:

  • access bank account, 
  • withdraw and deposit funds, 
  • write checks, 
  • release personal financial information
  • and send or receive wire transfers

June 01, 2018

Mr: John Brown


222 Financial st.

Las Vegas, NV 89113

Dear Mr. Brown,

I, Anne Smith, am writing this letter to let you know that I authorize Andrew Silva SSN: 3434567654 to act on my behalf in regard to my bank account

number: 1239873 while I am out of town between the dates of September 20, 2018 and October 9, 2018.

I appeciate both your's and Mr. Silva's assistance in this matter.

Sincerelly yours,


Anne Smith

Authorized by: Name: ______________________Name ______________Signature ______________Date____/____/______

Authorized Person's Name: ______________________Name ______________Signature ______________Date____/____/______


I hereby authorize __________________ to request, verify and obtain any and all financial information including but not limited to payoffs, reinstatements as well as my financial history regarding my accounts. This information is to be used for the purpose of facilitating the resolution of __________________. This financial authorization letter will continue in effect until ___/___/____ or until furter notice.

If any assistance to this matter is required, please contact me or our office as necessary.

Name________________________ Signature ____________________

Phone Number: __________________

Email: ____________________

Social Security Number: _______________________

Bank Account Number: _______________________ Date ___/___/_____


I ____________________ am writting this Financial Authorization Letter to authorize and give full permission to _____________________________ to act and operate in my place my bank account number __________________ and any other financial accounts on my behalf.

The following information is related to my financial accounts:

Financial Institution Name: __________________

Account Holder Name: ________________________

Account Number: _________________________

Type of Account: _____________________

I understand that any person requesting infomation about my accounts must provide full identification in order for any information to be released.

Thank You for your special consideration of this matter.


Name: _________________ Signature: _____________________ Date: ___/___/_____

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Financial Authorization Letter
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