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A tax attorney or tax law firm specializes in helping taxpayers to solve their problems with the IRS or the state revenue department.

Although a taxpayer can solve by himself small problems or misunderstandings with the IRS or the state department of revenue, it may be a smart move hiring a tax lawyer when the issue is a bit more serious or complicated.

These attorneys focus only on tax issues and can guide you through an audit, help negotiate IRS offers in compromise and IRS Installment Payment Plans. Also they work with taxpayers to have penalties and interest reduced, tax liens removed, and stop the levying of taxpayer's assets.

Tax Lawyers may also be helpful when dealing with small business and self-employment tax issues, setting up trust funds, stock portfolios and the like.

Things to consider before hiring your Tax Lawyer:

  • Look for an attorney with good references
  • With extensive experience in dealing with the IRS
  • Who is a member of the State Bar Association and the American Bar Association.
  • Offers free first consultation.
  • Make sure you know the attorney’s rates and forms of payment before hiring his or her services.

The IRS frequently makes mistakes in assessing how much money a taxpayer owes. Don’t go to battle alone. If you find yourself over your head with IRS tax or state tax issues, you should consult a licensed attorney in you State.

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