Salary Earnings Verification Letter Template

Free Income Verification Form Template

A written verification of your earnings or benefit status can be used as proof of income if you are to make a major purchase, negotiate a bank loan or for any situation that requires proof of your income.

Including moving into a NEW HOME/APARTMENT or applying for STATE/FEDERAL BENEFITS.

Call 1(800)772`1213 (TTY 1(800)325`0778) to request a Proof of Income letter from the Social Security Administration.


Submit a letter from your the social agency or caseworker indicating the size of your family and the amount of benefits you receive, along with a copy of your benefits checks.

If you receive a pension, submit the slips sent to you with the checks or photocopies of your monthly pension checks, along with a confirmation letter.

The proof of salary/income letter from SSA is also an official document that verifies your age, disability status, retirement status, Medicare and health insurance coverage.

If you are receiving social assistance, you can request a Proof of Salary/Income letter from Social security online or by calling 1(800)772`1213 (TTY 1(800)325`0778).

Regularly Employed

If you are regularly employed, submit a confirmation letter from your employer stating your annual salary, gross wages and hours and overtime pay for the current year.

Also copies of your last three consecutive pay stubs, income tax returns or T4 slips.


Sample Proof Of Income Letter

If you are self employed, your bank records will be accepted by some companies as proof of income. These documents must be official bank statements mailed to your current address.

If you have your own business you'll have to submit these documents:

  • A copy of your last income tax return
  • A letter or financial statement from an accountant indicating the net income from your business, including total withdrawals as personal salary in the last year, or a statutory declaration, sworn before a notary public, of your earnings in the last twelve months and projected earnings for the next twelve months.

Irregularly or Seasonally Employed

If you are irregularly or seasonally employed, submit:

  • A confirmation letter from your current employer
  • Your last income tax return and T4 slips
  • Copies of your unemployment insurance warrant cards
  • An estimate of your earnings for the next 12 months

Unemployed Proof Of Income

People who are currently unemployed must submit copies of unemployment insurance warrant stubs.

Many apartment complexes require that their tenants make at least 3 times the monthly rent in order to be approved.

The last year's tax returns are evidence of your yearly income and can establish proof of income.



(Company's representative)
(Company's Name)
(Company's Address)
(Company's phone number)

RE: Proof of Income Letter

Dear (Ms/Mr. Brown:)

I am writing this letter to inform you about my current economic situation and provide evidence of my ability to keep up with my financial obligations.

I have been working full-time for the past (3 months/years). Enclosed, please find documents that will confirm my present (yearly, monthly) salary.

I have also enclosed details of my income and expenses in order to demonstrate that I am perfectly able to qualify for a new (purchase, loan, mortgage, rent) in the amount of ($).

At present, I request that you carefully review all the documents which accompanies this letter, as you make the decision whether or not to grant my request for a (loan, mortgage).

Please call me if you have any questions. I can be reached at (Your Daytime Phone #).

Thank you taking the time to consider this request.

I, (Applicant's Name), state that the information provided above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.


(Applicant's Name)
(Phone number)


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