Today's technology makes more and more people look for home based business and work at home opportunities.

Approximately 23 million people work (at home at least part time) according to the International Telework Association and Council.

Here are some Home Based Business Opportunities and Ideas for a little extra income.

Photographer - Average: $26,300

Computer programs like Photoshop and affordable digital SLR cameras make it relatively easy to to start a photography business.You can shoot individual or family portraits, weddings, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, or corporate events.

Things you will need: a portfolio of your existing work to show potential clients, be willing to work on weekends or evenings, a small room in your house that can be transformed into your studio.

Jewelry Designer - Average: $30,000

About 50% of all jewelry makers in the USA are self-employed. Sell your creations online (eBay or other sites) or to thousands of brick-and-mortar retailers. Community colleges, Technical and vocational schools offer classes on design and basics.

Things necessary to work from home: well-lit workspace, design flair, manual dexterity.
Tools necessary: beads, wire, gold and silver pieces, vise, pliers, jigs, cloth and wax.
Possible tool cost: from $500 to $1,500 Dollars.

Pet Sitter/Pet Care - Average: $22,200

People need to trust you first before they can place their pets in your care. You can start by caring for your neighbors and friends' animals and get referrals through them.

The work involves walking dogs during the day, boarding or watching animals overnight (usually weekends and holidays), washing, grooming or training pets at your house or the client's place.

Baker - Average $41,000 a year

Make baguettes and bagels or cupcakes and muffins at home. Cupcakes for example, average $2 Dollars each. Sell a couple of hundred a day and you can make a nice living baking at home.

First, you can sell to friends and relatives or at local bake sales. If the work from home business grows, get a baker license. Food businesses need a state license in order to sell to the public.

Floral Designer - Average: $21,500

According to the Labor Dept, about 1/3 of the estimated 87,000 floral designers are self-employed. Enroll on a flower design course at private floral schools, Community colleges or vocational schools.

Find a flower wholesaler near you or buy flowers online. You'll also need a vehicle in order to deliver your goods to clients, a workshop space and a refrigerated room or space.

eBay Seller - Average: $22,100 a year

Buy name-brand products (clothing, purses, jewelry,...etc), at sale prices of 50% to 75% off and resale them online at the full price. Some people don't have the time or patience to look for bargains at stores.

Also, you can sell stuff you find at garage sales (books, furniture, electronics). Do a research first to find out what is selling the most at the moment.

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