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Small claims courts are a fast, simple and inexpensive way for individuals and business to settle disputes and disagreements.

The rules for handling a small claim vary from state to state. If you have a financial disagreement with another person or company that does not exceed the small claims limit in your State, you can bring the matter before a judge and get a ruling.

The procedures are simple enough for an individual to file a complain or to answer a claim without a lawyer.

The small claims court is a court with limited jurisdiction and cannot award more than the limit even if your claim worth more.

You cannot have a jury trial in small claims court.

You may be entitle to recover your court costs and interests.

The decision is final and biding on both parties.

Small claims hearings are official court cases designed to be a relaxed, quick and inexpensive method for consumers and businesspeople to settle minor claims.

The plaintiff (individual bringing the case to court) will usually want to sue in the court in the county where he or she lives or do business.

Small claims limits change from time to time. The plaintiff must ask the court clerk what is the maximum amount of claim currently allowed by the state law.

The maximum amount you may sue or be sued in this court in

Alabama is $3,000.00

Alaska is $7,500.00

Arizona is $2,500.00

Arkansas is $5,000.00

California is $5,000.00

Colorado is $7,500.00

Connecticut is $3,500.00

Delaware is $15,000.00

Florida is $5,000.00

Georgia is $15,000.00

Hawaii is $3,500.00

IDAHO is $4,000.00

ILLINOIS is $5,000.00

Indiana is $3,000.00 ($6,000.00 in Marion and Allen counties)

IOWA is $4,000.00

KANSAS is $1,800.00

KENTUCKY is $1,500.00

LOUISIANA is $3,000.00

MAINE is $4,500.00

MARYLAND is $2,500.00

MASSACHUSETS is $2,000.00

MICHIGAN is $3,000.00

MINNESOTA is $7,500.00

MISSISSIPPI is $2,500.00

MISSOURI is $1,500.00

MONTANA is $3,000.00

NEBRASKA is $2,400.00

NEVADA is $5,500.00

NEW HAMPSHIRE is $5,000.00

NEW JERSEY is $2,000.00

NEW MEXICO is $7,500.00

NEW YORK is $3,000.00

NORTH CAROLINA is $4,000.00

OHIO is $3,000.00

OKLAHOMA is $4,500.00

OREGON is $5,000.00

PENNSYLVANIA is $8,000.00 - $10,000.00

RHODE ISLAND is $1,500.00

SOUTH CAROLINA is $7,500.00

SOUTH DAKOTA is $8,000.00

TENNESEE is $15,000.00 - $25,000.00

TEXAS is $5,000.00

UTAH is $5,000.00

VERMONT is $3,500.00

VIRGINIA is $1,000.00 - $3,000.00

WASHINGTON is $2,500.00 - $4,000.00

WEST VIRGINIA is $5,000.00

WISCONSIN is $5,000.00

WYOMING is $3,000.00 - $7,000.00


Alabama Small Claims

Alaska Small Claims

Arizona Small Claims

Arkansas Small Claims

California Small Claims

Colorado Small Claims

Connecticut Small Claims

Delaware Small Claims

District Of Columbia Small Claims

Florida Small Claims

Georgia Small Claims

Hawaii Small Claims

Idaho Small Claims

Illinois Small Claims

Indiana Small Claims

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Maine Small Claims

Maryland Small Claims

Massachusetts Small Claims

Michigan Small Claims

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Mississippi Small Claims

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Nebraska Small Claims

Nevada Small Claims

New Hampshire Small Claims

New Jersey Small Claims

New Mexico Small Claims

New York Small Claims

North Carolina Small Claims

North Dakota Small Claims

Ohio Small Claims

Oklahoma Small Claims

Oregon Small Claims

Pennsylvania Small Claims

Rhode Island Small Claims

South Carolina Small Claims

South Dakota Small Claims

Tennessee Small Claims

Texas Small Claims

Utah Small Claims

Vermont Small Claims

Virginia Small Claims

Washington Small Claims

West Virginia Small Claims

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