Addresses and information on Tennessee small claims courts and filings.

A person can file a claim in small claims court if he/she has a dispute involving a certain amount of money with another person, company or government agency.

The amount that could be recovered is limited, and it varies from state to state (usually from $1,500 to 10,000 Dollars.)

Most common claims in small claims courts involve:

  • Auto Accidents - Someone dents your vehicle and refuses to pay for the repairs.
  • Small Loans - Someone refuses to pay you back the money he/she borrowed.
  • Defected New Products - Your new chair breaks but the store will not fix it or return your money.
  • Poor Services Rendered - A dry cleaning company ruins your favorite dress and will not pay for or replace it.
  • Landlord/Tenant Issues - The property owner or landlord refuses to return your security deposit, even after certifying the place was left in in good condition.

Things to bring to court:

Original copies of all papers you need to help prove the case (contracts, letters, rental agreements, canceled checks, deeds, repair bills, IOUs, diagrams, written damage estimates, photographs or even drawings.)

2 photocopies of every original document. (one for the defendant, one for the court)

The piece of clothing or the appliance damaged by the defendant, if that's the case.

Any witness that could help the case. Some judges allow notarized statements by witness that cannot appear in court.

Small Claims Courts Requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age. (If not, a guardian appointed by the court will sue for the minor.)
  • Be of sound mind or mentally competent. (If not, a guardian appointed by the court will sue for the incapacitated.)
  • United States citizen and non-citizens can use the small claims court.
  • There are no juries in small claims courts.
  • No objections are allowed.
  • Either the plaintiff (the person who is suing) or the defendant (the person being sued) are allowed to speak with an attorney before coming to court, but lawyers are not allowed in the court with you. You must be a Pro Se litigant (represent yourself.)

Hearing dates are usually set on some evenings or on Saturday (once a month.)

Hearing is scheduled within 40 days in most cases (up to 70 days if one litigant does not live in the same county).


U S Government District Court 109 S Highland Ave Rm 212 Jackson, TN 38301-6104 Phone:(731) 424`9332

United States Government District Court U S Knoxville, TN 37901 Phone:(865) 545`4228

US Government Court US District 9 E Broad St Cookeville, TN 38503-3274 Phone:(931) 526`3269

Anderson County Circuit Court Clerk 100 N Main St Clinton, TN 37716-3615 Phone:(865) 457`6221

Campbell County Of County Court Clerk 315 S Main St Jellico, TN 37762-2015 Phone:(423) 784`8608

Circuit Court 20 North side Murfreesboro, TN 37129 Phone:(615) 898`7812

Circuit Court Judge 205 Court House Waverly, TN 37185 Phone(931) 296`4544

Circuit Court Madison County 515 S Liberty St Jackson, TN 38301-6932 Phone:(731) 423`6035

Circuit Court Nashville/Davdsn 1 Public Sq Nashville, TN 37201-5007 Phone:(615) 862`5000 (main switchboard number)

City Court Clerk 201 Poplar Ave Memphis, TN 38103-1945 Phone:(901) 545`3735

Cocke County Circuit Court Clerk Office Newport, TN 37821 Phone:(423) 623`6124

Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County Criminal Court Clerk Justice A A Birch Building Nashville, TN 37201 Phone:(615) 862`5601

Knox County Government Circuit Court Judges City County Bldg Knoxville, TN 37901 Phone:(865) 215`2393

Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County Circuit Courts 1 Public Sq Nashville, TN 37201 Phone:(615) 862`5910

County Court Clerk 2845 Baker Hwy Huntsville, TN 37756 Phone:(423) 663`9555

Obion County Circuit Court 7 Bill Burnett Cir Union City, TN 38261 Phone:(731) 885`1372

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