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Recalls are issue in order to fix a problem with food, drugs or products that are in violation of FDA law. A recall occurs when a product is defective or constitute a risk to consumers health, or both.

Types of recall actions:

CORRECTION: The manufacturers or distributors address and fix the problem where the product is used or sold.
REMOVAL: The manufacturers or distributors completely remove the product from where is being used or sold.

A company involved in a recall (voluntary or not) must:

  • Contact the customers who received the product and inform them of the actions to be taken to to minimize health consequences (usually by press release.)

  • Make the necessary changes to prevent the problem from re-occurring.

Product, Drug and Food Recall List

Here are some recent and not-so-recent recall notices. Toys, appliance and electronics product safety recalls and food recalls.

Fisher price toy recalls, food product recalls, graco crib recall, ground beef recall, hamburger recall, DePuy hip replacement recall, avandia recall, bextra recall, celebrex recall, crib recalls, dell laptop recall, dishwasher recall, drug recall, easy bake oven recall, egg recall, fire extinguisher recall, mattel recall, lawn mower recall, lipitor recall, medical device recalls, maytag dishwasher recall, meat recall, merck recall, pet product & pet food recall, similac recall, toshiba laptop recall, tylenol recall, whirlpool recall, xbox 360 recall, zicam recall.

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