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Every day many different types of fraud and scams have become more common since the economy has taken a turn for the worse in 2008.

A large number of fraud cases are filed with the better business Bureau, local law enforcement, and other consumer protection organizations. These organizations then conduct a fraud investigation based on the statute of frauds.

What is Fraud?

DEFINITION OF FRAUD. Many aspects of criminal deception and misrepresentation define what is fraud. Usually, it involves someone knowingly defrauding and deceiving an individual or organization for financial gain.

Fraud against the Government: IRS tax fraud, election or voter fraud, securities fraud, medicare fraud, accounting fraud, welfare fraud,social security fraud, food stamp fraud, health care fraud, medicaid fraud, affinity fraud, paternity fraud, disability fraud, workers compensation fraud, marriage fraud immigration, counterfeiting and others.

Consumer fraud - occurs when individual consumers are defrauded. It includes identity theft, check fraud, email fraud, credit card fraud, visa fraud, atm fraud, contractor fraud, mail and fraud letters, charity fraud, telemarketing scams, Ponzi schemes, health insurance fraud, id fraud, medical fraud, probate fraud, odometer fraud, sales fraud, business fraud and others.

Finance or financial fraud - mortgage fraud, credit fraud, bankruptcy fraud, stock fraud, debit card fraud, wire fraud, bank or banking fraud

Computer fraud - victimizes people who opt for online banking and paying their bills online. Also involves email fraud, paypal fraud, ebay fraud, fbi internet fraud, mlm fraud.

Internet fraud prevention - there are ways to prevent being a victim of most types of fraud in cyberspace.

  • Only give information such as Username, Password, Bank account number, Bank routing number, Social security number, and Credit card number to secured, trustworthy websites.
  • Use PayPal or Google Checkout for money transactions.
  • Go to the website directly, do not click links in your email.
  • Protect your computer against viruses, spyware, adware, and malware by installing and frequently updating anti-virus software.

Penalties for Fraud - Different types of fraud carry different types of penalties depending on the amount of money involved ranging from small fines and probation to up to 20 years in federal prison.

Consumer fraud attorneys handle cases involving people who bought any product or service and did not received what was promised.

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