Free Divorce Forms Samples & What to do When Filing for a Simple Divorce

Don't focus on fault and blame, as this can be counterproductive. Settle on a middle term, a win-win situation for both.

Consider what is the best for any any children involved.

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If the relationship is important to you, try making an effort for reconciliation. Talk over with spouse, ask family member and friends for advice, obtain professional help of a mediator or marriage counselor.

Negotiate a Property Settlement or Prenuptial Agreement.

Prepare a Complaint for Divorce.

Attach original copy of MARRIAGE LICENSE.

Attach a copy of property settlement agreement.

Check residence requirements for your state. Periods of residence required by courts could be as long as one year.

Prepare an Affidavit of Consent if required by the courts in your state for a NO-FAULT or MUTUAL CONSENT divorce.

Check with court clerks for filing fees and requirements in your State. It varies for each jurisdiction.

File complaint for divorce and any accompanying documents with court clerk. Obtain DOCKET NUMBER from court clerk.

Serve complaint on defendant spouse.

Attend hearings as required by the court.

The plaintiff and the defendant spouse or legal counsel must attend the hearing set by the court.

Always keep a copy of all documents for your records.

Obtain legal counsel if your divorce involves complex or complicated issues.

What IF...

In case the defendant spouse fails to respond or appear, the court may grant a divorce decree by default.

In case the plaintiff spouse fails to appear, the court may dismiss the case.

If all the legal requirement satisfy the court, a decree for divorce and other appropriated relief will be issued.

Relationships don't always last, despite our best efforts to make it to the long-run.

Going through a divorce is never easy, but we can learn and grow from even a failed relationship.

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