Compensation Requirements

More than 60% of first time SSI disability insurance claims are initialy denied. Up to 5 appeals are allowed to be filed.

When it comes to processing social security disability and SSI cases, providing complete complete information on an application can reduce processing time. The more proof and documentation you have, the better.

Things to Consider When Applying for SSI Disability Claim

  1. Don’t forget to mention all of your medical conditions, not only the most severe. Social Security law requires that all of your health problems be considered in determining your ability to work. 
  2. Inform your doctor of your decision to apply for SS and ask his or her help on filling the necessary forms. He also will be contacted by the SSA to discuss your medical condition and treatment plan.
  3. Always have handy copies of all important documents including your medical records, doctor’s notes, lab test results, test scores, physical and mental examinations, IEP, report cards, and prescription paperwork in order to accurately fill the application. The SSA will also be requiring copies of this type of documentation.
  4. Make a list of all your past employers in the last 15 years and demonstrate to the SSA that you met all work requirements and committed to the work before you became unable to perform the job because of your injuries, illnesses, or conditions. 
  5. Don’t forget appeal’s deadlines, it could postpone even further your process. (60 days from the date of denial plus 5 additional days for mailing)
  6. Get professional help. Disability Law Attorneys are essential to have your application approved and in most cases you will only have to pay their fee if your case is approved to receive the benefits.
  7. After receiving approval for disability payments, your first check will not arrive before 6 months after the date that your disability began. Cases when it took 2 to 4 years are not uncommon. SSA decision on whether to grant disability or not can take 3 to 5 months.

Reasons why you may NOT qualify for SSI disability or why your SSDI or SSI benefits could be DENIED.

  1. A case may be denied if the SSA cannot reach you to schedule examinations or to get additional information regarding your application. Make sure the SSA knows all your contact information or if you changed address or phone numbers while your application is being considered. Provide a third party contact in case your disability examiner is not able to contact you.
  2. Your work income is above the SGA (substantial gainful activity) limit for non-blind people which is $1,070 per month (2014). Investment income does not count toward the SGA. The income limit for earned and unearned income combined is around $1,500 per month.
  3. You are not being treated by a doctor or your medical records are incomplete. If you have no treating doctor the SSA will request that you go through consultative examination (CE) and be examined by an SSA doctor. Many people get denied for not complying to this process.
  4. Your impairment or disability should be severe enough to last at least 12 months. Each case is evaluated on an individual basis.
  5. You have failed to follow therapy prescribed by the doctor that is expected to restore your ability to perform work activities.
  6. If you have been convicted of a crime or injured while committing a felony, or injured while in prison.
  7. If your drug or alcohol addiction (DAA) is a contributing factor to your disability. 
  8. If you obtained benefits through fraud your benefits will be terminated and you will most likely be prosecuted by the SSA.

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