Pro Bono Lawyers Assistance 


Programs can offer Free Legal Aid Florida assistance and legal advice and in some cases legal representation for individuals who qualify in the sunshine state.

Non-profit civil law firms are willing to donate their time and expertise and provide free legal services to low income residents in the state of Florida providing local attorney’s assistance and equal access to justice for those who cannot afford to pay for legal representation.

These organizations have attorneys, law students, paralegals and other legal professionals dedicating their time and money to provide work pro bono, meaning “for the public good”, or without charge.

Where to Find Pro Bono Legal Services for Low-Income Residents in Florida

Legal assistance is often a critical need for low-income residents in Florida who may struggle to afford the services of an attorney. Fortunately, there are various avenues available to help individuals access pro bono legal services in the state. This comprehensive guide will navigate you through the options, ensuring you know exactly where to turn when legal help is needed but financial resources are limited.

In a state as diverse as Florida, pro bono legal services play a crucial role in ensuring access to justice for all residents, irrespective of their financial situation.

Here is a guide on where low-income individuals can find reliable pro bono legal assistance.

Why Pro Bono Legal Services Matter

Understanding the importance of pro bono legal services and their impact on the lives of low-income residents.

Legal Aid Organizations in Florida

Exploring the key legal aid organizations that offer pro bono services to those in need, including a breakdown of their services and eligibility criteria.

Bar Association Pro Bono Programs

An in-depth look at pro bono initiatives run by various bar associations in Florida, providing insights into the specific legal areas covered and how to access these services.

Law School Clinics

Examining the pro bono legal services offered by law school clinics in Florida, highlighting the benefits and limitations of seeking assistance from legal education institutions.

Community Legal Clinics

A guide to community legal clinics that operate in different regions of Florida, offering free legal advice and assistance to low-income residents.

Online Pro Bono Platforms

An analysis of online platforms that connect individuals with volunteer attorneys, exploring their advantages and how to navigate these digital resources effectively.

Government Programs

An overview of government-sponsored pro bono legal programs and resources available to low-income residents, emphasizing their role in addressing specific legal needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I qualify for pro bono legal services in Florida?

  • Eligibility criteria for accessing pro bono assistance, ensuring a clear understanding of who qualifies for these services.

What legal areas are covered by pro bono services?

  • An exploration of the various legal areas covered by pro bono programs, helping individuals identify the type of assistance available.

How can I find the nearest legal clinic in my community?

  • Practical steps and resources to locate nearby legal clinics, making it easier for individuals to access in-person assistance.

Are online pro bono services reliable?

  • An analysis of the reliability of online pro bono platforms, addressing concerns and providing tips for a secure online legal experience.

How can I prepare for my meeting with a pro bono attorney?

  • Guidance on preparing for consultations with pro bono attorneys to maximize the efficiency of the legal assistance received.

Summarizing the key takeaways and emphasizing the importance of pro bono legal services in ensuring justice for all residents in Florida.

This comprehensive guide serves as a valuable resource for low-income residents in Florida seeking pro bono legal assistance. By exploring the various avenues available, individuals can navigate their legal challenges with confidence, knowing that help is accessible, irrespective of their financial circumstances.

Low-income Florida residents can seek pro-bono legal help and assistance for issues ranging from:

Adoption, Child Custody, Dissolution of Marriage, AIDS/HIV, Domestic Violence, Elder Law, Housing, Individual Rights, Termination of Parental Rights, Public Benefits, Employment, Real Estate, Wills, Federal Civil, Bankruptcy, Immigration and Criminal Matters.

For a person to qualify for free legal aid assistance depends on factors such as:

  • Location
  • Health status
  • Safety
  • Must be low income (below the federal poverty line)
  • Case must be of a civil nature
  • The agency staff and resources
  • Legal issue must be covered by the agency or law firm

This website was created to help the community by providing up-to-date information about legal aid firms and organizations advocating for the indigent families and low income people.

Free Legal Aid Florida Programs

Altamonte Springs
Seminole County Bar Association Legal Aid Society, Inc. 115 Boston Ave Ste 2100 Altamonte Springs FL 32701-5901 Phone: (407)834`1660 Fax: (407)834`2080

Belle Glade
Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc. Belle Glade: (561)993`0003

Gulfcoast Legal Services, Inc. Bradenton: (941)746`6151 Brooksville
Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, Inc. Brooksville: (800) 363`2357

Gulfcoast Legal Services, Inc. 314 South Missouri Avenue Ste 109 Clearwater FL 33756 Phone: (727)443`0657 Fax: (727)461`9160 Intake Phone: (727)443`0657

Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida Phone: (800) 363`2357

Dade City
Bay Area Legal Services Dade City: (352)567`9044

Daytona Beach
First Union Tower 444 Seabreeze Blvd Ste 641 Daytona Beach FL 32118-3952 Phone: (904)255`2112 Fax: (904)255`6113

Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, Inc. Daytona Beach, Phone: (800) 363`2357

Legal Services of North Florida, Inc. Escambia (850)432`8222

Ft. Lauderdale
Legal Aid of Broward County 609 SW 1st Ave Fort Lauderdale FL 33301-2805 Phone: (954)765`8957 ext. 273 Fax: (954)765`5149

Legal Aid Service of Broward County, Inc. Ft. Lauderdale: (954)765`8950

Three Rivers Legal Services, Inc. Gainesville: (352)372`0519 or 1(800)372`0936

Florida Institutional Legal Services, Inc. Gainesville: (352)271`4366

Green Cove Springs
Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, Inc. Green Cove Springs: (904)284`8410

Fort Pierce
Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc. Fort Pierce: (772)466`4766

Ft. Walton Beach
Legal Services of North Florida Ft. Walton Beach: (850)862`3279

Ft. Myers
Florida Rural Legal Services 3210 Cleveland Avenue 101 Fort Myers FL 33902 Phone: (239)334`4554 Fax: (239)334`3042 Intake Phone: (239)334`4554

Lee County Bar Association, Inc. Florida Rural Legal Services PO Box 1387 Fort Myers FL 33902-1387 Phone: (941)334`0047 Fax: (941)334`0523

Ft. Pierce
Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc. Volunteer Attorney Project PO Box 4333 101 Fort Pierce FL 34948-4333 Phone: (561)466`4766 Fax: (561)489`3176

Three Rivers Legal Services, Inc. Volunteer Attorney Program 901 N. W. 8th Ave Suite D-5, Gainesville, FL 32601 Phone: (352)372`0519 Fax: (352)375`1631 Intake Phone: (800)372`0936

Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center Immokalee: (239)657`7442

Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc. Immokalee: (941)657`3681

Withlacoochee Area Legal Services, Inc. Inverness: Phone: (800) 363`2357

Jacksonville Area Legal Aid Public Service Project 126 W Adams St Jacksonville FL 32202-3849 Phone: (904)356`8371 Fax: (904)353`5831 Intake Phone: (904)356`8371

Key West
Legal Services of the Florida Keys Key West: (305)292`3566

Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, Inc. Kissimmee, Phone: (800) 363`2357

Volunteer Involvement Project, Affordable Legal Services PO Box 24688 Lakeland FL 33802-4688 Phone: (863)688`7376 Fax: (863)683`7861

Heart of Florida Legal Aid Society Lakeland: (863)519`5663

Lake City
Three Rivers Legal Services Lake City: (904)752`5960 or 1(800)495`0039

Free Legal Aid Florida - MIAMI
Cuban American Bar Assoc. Pro Bono Project 3000 Biscayne Blvd Miami FL 33137 Phone: (305)573`1106 - (305)579`5733 Fax: (305)576`6273 Intake Phone: (305)573`1106

Dade County Put Something Back Pro Bono Project 123 NW 1st Ave Miami FL 33128-1895 Phone: (305)579`5733 Fax: (305)372`7693 Intake Phone: (305)579`5733

Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center, Inc. Miami: (305)573`1106

Legal Aid Society of the Dade County Bar Assoc. Miami: (305)579`5733

Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center Miami: (305)573`1106

Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc. Main Office: (305)576`0080

South Dade: (305)232`9680

Volunteer Lawyers Project For Southern District Of Florda 200 S. Biscayne Blvd. Suite 2870 Miami FL 33131 Phone: (305)373`4334 Fax: (305)358`0910

Legal Aid Society of Collier County Naples: (239)657`7442

New Port Richey
Bay Area Legal Services New Port Richey: (727)847`5494

Community Legal Services Of Mid Florida 222 SW Broadway Street Ocala FL 34474 Phone: (800) 363`2357 Fax: (352)629`6745 Intake Phone: (352)629`0105/(352)629`3521

Withlacoochee Area Legal Services 222 SW Broadway Street Ocala FL 34474 Phone: (800) 363`2357

Legal Services of North Florida 651`7254

Opa Locka
Saint Thomas University Human Rights Institute 16400 NW 32nd Ave Opa Locka FL 33054 Phone: (305)628`6737 Fax: (305)628`6742 Intake Phone: (305)628`6737

Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar Assn, Inc. 100 E Robinson St Orlando FL 32801-1602 Phone: (407)841`8310 Fax: (407)648`9240

Community legal Services of Mid-Florida, Inc. Orlando: (800) 363`2357

Volunteer Lawyers Project 216 S 6th St Palatka FL 32177-4608 Phone: (904)328`8361 Fax: (904)328`4902

Panama City
Legal Services of North Florida, Inc. Panama City: (850)769`3581

Northwest Florida Legal Services, Inc. 701 South J Street Pensacola FL 32501 Phone: (850)432`2336 Fax: (850)434`1297 Intake Phone: (850)432`2336

Plant City
Bay Area Legal Services, Inc. Plant City: (813)752`1335

Pompano Beach
Pompano Beach: (954)970`0155

Legal Services of North Florida, Inc. Quincy: (850)875`9881

Brevard County Legal Aid, Inc. 1017 Florida Ave S Rockledge FL 32955-2143 Phone: (407)631`2500 Fax: (407)633`4822 Intake Phone: (407)631`2500

Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, Inc. Sanford: (800) 363`2357

Santa Rosa
Legal Services of North Florida, Inc. Santa Rosa: (850)432`8222

Legal Aid of Manasota, Inc. 1900 Main St 302 Sarasota FL 34236-5927 Phone: (941)366`0038 Fax: (941)364`8855

Gulfcoast Legal Services, Inc. Sarasota (941)366`1746

Free Legal Aid Florida - St. PETERSBURG
Community Law Program 501 1st Avenue North Rm 512 Saint Petersburg FL 33701 Phone: (727)582`7402 Fax: (727)323`7632 Intake Phone: (727)323`7712

Bay Area Legal Services St. Petersburg: (727)490`4040

Gulfcoast Legal Services, Inc. St. Petersburg (727)821`0726

Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida,Inc Sumter: (800) 363`2357

Free Legal Aid Florida - TALLAHASSEE
Florida Legal Services - Voluntary Pro Bono Attorney Plan 2121 Delta Blvd. Tallahassee FL 32303 Phone: 850-385-7900

Legal Services of North Florida Private Bar Involvement Program 2119 Delta Blvd Tallahassee FL 32303-4220 Phone: (850)385`9007 Fax: (850)385`7603 Phone: (904)385`9007

The Legal Aid Foundation of the Tallahassee Bar Assn, Inc. 301 S Monroe St Ste 443A Tallahassee FL 32301-1803 Phone: (850)222`3004 Fax: (850)222`3864

Free Legal Aid Florida - TAMPA
Bay Area Legal Services, Inc. Volunteer Lawyers Program 829 W Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd 200 Tampa FL 33603-3331 Phone: (813)232`1343 Fax: (813)232`1403 Intake Phone: (813)232`1343

Bay Area Legal Services, Inc., Ryan White Outreach Program 700 E Twiggs St Tampa FL 33602 Phone: (813)223`2525 Fax: (813)229`8746

Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, Inc. Tavares: (800) 363`2357

Free Legal Aid Florida - WEST PALM BEACH
Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, Inc. 423 Fern St Ste 200 West Palm Beach FL 33401-5839 Phone: (561)655`8944 Fax: (561)655`5269

Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc. West Palm Beach: (561)820`8902

Bay Area Legal Services, Inc. Wimauma: (813)634`6044

Legal Hotline for Older Floridians: (305) 576`5997

The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) 1(800)342`8011 or 1(800)342`8060 ext. 5844

The importance of legal aid programs in the State of Florida

Legal aid programs play a crucial and multifaceted role in the State of Florida, contributing significantly to the overall well-being of its residents. The importance of these programs can be understood through several key aspects:

Access to Justice for All: Legal aid programs in Florida are instrumental in ensuring that individuals, regardless of their financial status, have access to legal representation and assistance. This helps in upholding the principle that everyone should have a fair chance to defend their rights and interests in the legal system.

Equality and Fairness: By providing legal aid to low-income residents, these programs contribute to a more equitable and fair legal system. They help level the playing field, ensuring that individuals facing financial constraints can still navigate the complexities of the legal process with adequate support.

Protection of Vulnerable Populations: Legal aid programs often focus on providing assistance to vulnerable populations, such as victims of domestic violence, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities. These programs act as a shield, offering protection and legal recourse to those who may be at a higher risk of exploitation or injustice.

Prevention of Homelessness and Poverty: Legal issues, especially in areas like housing, can have a direct impact on an individual's economic stability. Legal aid programs help prevent homelessness and poverty by addressing issues related to eviction, foreclosure, and other housing challenges, thereby promoting community stability.

Educating and Empowering Individuals: Legal aid programs often include educational initiatives to empower individuals with knowledge about their legal rights and responsibilities. This education can help prevent legal problems from arising and equip people to make informed decisions in various aspects of their lives.

Reducing Court Backlogs: By providing assistance to individuals who cannot afford private legal representation, legal aid programs contribute to the efficient functioning of the legal system. This helps in reducing court backlogs, ensuring timely resolution of cases.

Community Stability and Well-being: When legal issues are addressed promptly and effectively, it contributes to the overall stability and well-being of communities. Legal aid programs foster a sense of security and justice within communities, promoting social cohesion.

Collaboration with Pro Bono Efforts: Legal aid programs often collaborate with pro bono initiatives, leveraging the expertise of volunteer attorneys. This synergy enhances the collective impact of legal aid efforts, extending assistance to a broader range of individuals in need.

Pro bono and egal aid programs in the State of Florida serve as a cornerstone in promoting a fair, accessible, and just legal system. By addressing the legal needs of those who cannot afford private representation, these programs contribute to the overall social and economic health of the state and its residents.

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