You face the possibility of being put in jail and have to pay hefty fines or even lose your driving privileges.

As of August of 2005, all states in the US have adopted the law that defines DUI as having blood alcohol concentration of .08%.

While many states allow you to do so, in California, you do not have the right to speak to an attorney before deciding which chemical test to take.

You don’t have to take a breath, blood or urine test if asked to do so by the police, but that decision can be used against you if your case goes to trial. Prosecutors will inform the jury of your refusal, which may lead the jury to the conclusion that you were, in fact, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If you want to challenge your DUI charge, you’ll need a California DUI attorney who:

  • Has years of experience
  • Knows your rights, the courtroom procedure, the details of DUI laws
  • Specializes in drunk driving analysis case defenses
  • Understands medical and scientific concepts
  • Can question tough witnesses, such as police officers and scientists

A good California DUI Lawyer can help minimize the impact a DUI charge will have in your life.

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