You can apply for Social Security Disability benefits in person, online, via regular mail, or even via telephone. Don’t take the chance of having your social security application being mishandled or incomplete, it can delay the process even longer. Consult a competent Social Security lawyer to help you get the rights and benefits you deserve.

To schedule an appointment with an PUERTO RICO SOCIAL SECURITY LOCAL OFFICE, call 1(800)772`1213 (TTY 1(800)325`0778) 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. You must have your Social Security number handy when you call.

You’ll have to show a government issued photo ID to enter the building in some States.


Ponce Social Security Disability 2190 Ponce-By-Pass Ponce, PR 00717 Telephone: 1(800)772`1213

Arecibo Social Security Disability 880 Isaac Cruzstgo Street Arecibo, PR 00612 Telephone: 1(800)772`1213

Aquadilla Social Security Disability Road 107 K 2.9 Central Cooperativa Borinquen Aguadilla, PR 00603 Telephone: 1(800)772`1213

Caguas Social Security Disability 30 Padial St Gatsby Bldg, Suite 328 Caguas, PR 00725 Telephone: 1(800)772`1213

Cayey Social Security Disability 20 Antonio R. Barcelo Sierra de Cayey, St.215 Cayey, PR 00736 Telephone: 1(800)772`1213

Mayaguez Social Security Disability 357 Hostos Ave Office Park II Bldg Mayaguez, PR 00680 Telephone: 1(800)772`1213

Guayama Social Security Disability 54 Rd3 Albizu Campos Edif Fse 3rd Floor Guayama, PR 00784 Telephone: 1(800)772`123

Manati Social Security Disability 200 Miguel Otero Street Suite 1 Manati, PR 00674 Telephone: 1(800)772`123

Carolina Social Security Disability 5829 65 Inf Ave Suite 201 Carolina, PR 00987 Telephone: 1(800)772`1213

Bayamon Social Security Disability Road 167 2nd Floor Forest Hills Plaza Bayamon, PR 00959 Telephone: 1(800)772`1213

Fajardo Social Security Disability 102 Garrido Morales Fajardo, PR 00738 Telephone: 1(800)772`1213

San Juan Social Security Disability 1579 Ave Ponce de Leon 4 Piso SJ Sif Bldg San Juan, PR 00926 Telephone: 1(800)772`1213

Humacao Social Security Disability 75 Tejas Ave 2nd Floor Oriental Group Bldg Humacao, PR 00791 Telephone: 1(800)772`1213

Guaynabo Social Security Disability 1510 Roosevelt Ave SSS Plaza 7th Floor Guaynabo, PR 00968 Telephone: 1(800)772`1213

Yauco Social Security Disability 155 25 De Julio Street Suite 1 Yauco, PR 00698 Telephone: 1(800)772`1213

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