Rehabilitation centers focused on the treatment and recovery of drug addiction and alcoholism.


  • Accurate diagnosis
  • 12 Step Recovery Program
  • Peer support & detoxification programs
  • Outpatient counseling
  • Resources for residential and outpatient programs
  • State of the art neurobiological strategies
  • Relapse prevention techniques
  • Quality care and performance
  • Reasonable & affordable cost
  • Family involvement opportunities & therapy.programs
  • Group & individual psychotherapy
  • JCAHO accreditation (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations)
  • Skilled and licensed counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, medical doctors, and specialists


  • Sex addiction
  • Shopping addiction
  • Tobacco addiction
  • Gambling and gaming addiction
  • Eating disorders like bulimia, anorexia and binge eating
  • Chemical dependency like crack cocaine addiction and heroin addiction

Many clinics allow patients to monitor recovery progress after leaving the program by having access to professional advice through online forums and social networking to prevent relapse and be able to enjoy life sober.


Aiken Center 1105 Gregg Highway Aiken, SC, Phone: (803) 649`1900x307

Anderson Oconee Counties Behavioral Health Services 226 McGee Road Anderson, SC, 29625 Phone: (864) 260`4168

Charleston Center of Charleston County 5 Charleston Center Drive P.O. Box 31398 Charleston, SC, 29417 Phone: (843) 958`3300

437th Medical Group ADAPT Program 437 MDOS SGOH 204 West Hill Boulevard Charleston AFB, SC, 29404 Phone: (843) 963`6852

Alternatives Life Improvement Center 1800 Taylor Street Columbia, SC, 29201 Phone: (803) 758`2445

Earle E Morris Jr Alcohol and Drug Addiction Trt Center 610 Faison Drive Columbia, SC, 29203 Phone: (803) 935`7100

LRADAC The Behavioral Health Ctr of The Midlands P.O. Box 50597 Columbia, SC, 29250 Phone: (803) 256`3100

Moncrief Army Community Hospital MCXL-PHS (ASAP) 4500 Stuart Street (SARD) Columbia, SC, 29207 Phone: (803) 751`6597

Richland Springs Psychiatric Hospital 11 Medical Park Columbia, SC, 29203 Phone: (803) 434`4800

Starting Point LLC 1421 Bluff Road Columbia, SC, 29201 Phone: (803) 343`3355

William Jennings Bryant Dorn Veterans Affairs Medical Center 6439 Garners Ferry Road Columbia, SC, 29209 Phone: (803) 776`4000

Shoreline Behavioral Health Services Alcohol and Drug Abuse P.O. Box 136 Conway, SC, 29528 Phone: (843) 365`8884

Carolinas Hospital System Bruce Hall 121 East Cedar Street P.O. Box 100550 Florence, SC, 29501 Phone: (843) 661`3133

Palmetto Center P.O. Box 5357 Florence, SC, 29502 Phone: (843) 662`9378

Addcare Counseling Inc 11 Point Circle Greenville, SC, 29615 Phone: (864) 467`1319

Holmesview Center P.O. Box 14675 Greenville, SC, 29610 Phone: (864) 295`5440

Marshall I Pickens Hospital Addlife Addiction Services 701 Grove Road Greenville, SC, 29605 Phone: (888) 852`8520

Phoenix Center for Behavioral Health Services P.O. Box 1948 Greenville, SC, 29602 Phone: (864) 467`3790

Serenity Place Womens Program P.O. Box 1948 Greenville, SC, 29602 Phone: (864) 467`3751

Cornerstone 1420 Spring Street Greenwood, SC, 29646 Phone: (864) 227`1001

Don Foster and Associates Inc 104 Mills Avenue Greenville, SC, 29605 Phone: (864) 542`2211

Alternative 401 West Main Street Lexington, SC, 29072 Phone: (803) 951`3881

Marion County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program 103 Court Street P.O. Box 1011 Marion, SC, 29571 Phone: (843) 423`8292

Center for Behavioral Health South Carolina Inc 2301 Cosgrove Avenue Suite F North Charleston, SC, 85282 Phone: (843) 529`0700

Palmetto Lowcountry Behavioral Health Systems 2777 Speissegger Drive North Charleston, SC, 29405 Phone: (843) 747`5830

Keystone Substance Abuse Services P.O. Box 4437 Rock Hill, SC, 29732 Phone: (803) 324`1800x205

Don Foster and Associates Inc 104 Mills Avenue Greenville, SC, 29605 Phone: (864) 542`2211

Three Rivers Behavioral Health 2900 Sunset Boulevard West Columbia, SC, 29169 Phone: (803) 796`9911

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