South Dakota Halfway Houses provide transitional housing for adult men and women in the state.

Types of Halfway houses in the US:

  • for people with substance abuse issues
  • reintegration of people who have been recently released from jail
  • for people with chronic mental health disorders

This houses provide a safe, clean and healthy living environment and structured recovery programs that help men and women overcome drug and alcohol addiction and restore dignity and self esteem . Some group homes can even provide employment opportunities.

Amenities include: gourmet kitchen, gym, pool, spa, central a/c, private bedroom, cable television, high-speed Internet, laundry facilities, entertainment and recreational opportunities, and client transportation.

Some rules and requirements: community service, 12-step program membership, treatment/recovery plan accomplishment, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, curfews, random drug and alcohol testing.

Residents pay for their own stay or it could be financed by their private health insurance.

Carroll Institute 333 South Spring Avenue Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57104 Phone: (605)367`5230x3

Carroll Institute 310 South 1st Avenue Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57104 Phone: (605)336`2556

Volunteers of America Dakotas 826 West 2nd Street Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57104 Phone: (605)357`0990

Volunteers of America Dakotas 1401 West 51st Street Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57105 Phone: (605)339`1199x3

Glory House of Sioux Falls 4000 South West Avenue Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57109 Phone: (330)747`2614

New Dawn Enterprises 19271 Highway 79 Vale, South Dakota 57788 Phone: (605)339`1199x3

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