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You may be entitled to compensation if you have suffered an injury due to the negligence of the surgeon or doctor, nurse, machinery-caused injuries. Other cases: being hit by moving or falling objects, slip and fall, trip accident, physical assault, occupational disease. Accidents at work, falls from height such as scaffolding or ladders, injuries caused by animals in the workplace, chemical induced injuries, electricity, fire, explosion or other working practices.

There are at least 120 million cars, trucks, or vans hitting American streets every single day. It's no wonder there would be automobile accidents all over the place. The average payout of a soft tissue injury ranges from $2,000 to $10,000 for whiplash, $16,000 for ankle sprains, $22,000 for shoulder injuries, and $90,000 to $365,000 for herniated discs.


Barr & Morgan 22 5th St Stamford, CT 06905 (203) 883'0583

Cacace Tusch & Santagata 777 Summer St Stamford, CT 06901 (203) 327'2000

Casper & De Toledo LLC 1458 Bedford St Stamford, CT 06905 (203) 325'8600

Women's Law Firm, Helen Bruno, Esquire 112 Prospect St Stamford, CT 06901 (203) 358'8588

Wofsey Rosen Kweskin & Kuriansky LLP 600 Summer St Stamford, CT 06901 (203) 327'2300

Piazza Simmons & Grant 112 Prospect St Stamford, CT 06901 (203) 348'2465

Scherban Jack S Esq 29 5th St Stamford, CT 06905 (203) 359'1811

Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder PC Serving the Stamford Area (203) 583'8634

Jones Damia Kaufman & Depaul, LLC 301 Main St Danbury, CT 06810 (203) 744'1313

Antignani Maresca 275 Congress St Bridgeport, CT 06604 (203) 367'8437

Laudano David J 2192 Main St Stratford, CT 06615 (203) 381'9494

TJC ESQ 263 Tresser Blvd Stamford, CT 06901 (203) 423'0073

LaCava John J Law Offices 1111 Summer St Stamford, CT 06905 (203) 324'2300

TJC ESQ 1266 E Main St Stamford, CT 06902 (203) 930'1933

David A. Scalzi Attorney at Law 921 Stillwater Rd Stamford, CT 06902 (203) 554'6381

Law Offices of Heath D. Harte 1700 Bedford St Ste 102 Stamford, CT 06905 (203) 724'9555

Brander & Ponzini 24 Hoyt St Stamford, CT 06905 (203) 327'6913

Alex J Martinez 30 Oak St Stamford, CT 06905 (203) 978'0448

Silver Golub & Teitell LLP 184 Atlantic St Ste 1 Stamford, CT 06901 (203) 325'4491

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