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The affordable bankruptcy lawyers Puerto rico will work with you to help you remove the debt, keep your properties and assets, repair your credit and get you back on your feet.

Most unsecured debt are wiped out by filing bankruptcy. It stops foreclosures, garnishments, bank levies and other collection efforts by creditors, including collection letters and harassing calls. 

Anyone can fall victim to the ups and downs of a capitalistic economy. If you are experiencing financial hardship, contact an experienced attorney to set up a free bankruptcy evaluation. Attorneys are always available to discuss pre-bankruptcy planning options within the law that can help to limit your losses. They can evaluate the circumstances of your case and help you decide whether bankruptcy is the right path to take.


Hilton J Garcia po box 4105 Pedro Albizus Campos 2071 Aguadilla, PR 00605 (787) 891‘5600

Juan M Rodríguez Calle 28 GG-1 Vista Azul Arecibo, PR 00612 (787) 484‘7246

Nelson Jose Francisco Alvarez-Aponte Isla verde Carolina, PR 00979 (787) 942‘0731

Celia Canel PO Box 9483 Carolina, PR 00988 (787) 597‘0240

Robert A. Velez-Montes Calle Hostos #5 Sur Guayama, PR 00784 (787) 866‘5656

Jorge A Fernandez Reboredo Galeria San Patricio -Suite 205 B-5 Tabonuco Street Guaynabo, PR 00968 (787) 281‘0707

Carlos A. Aldarondo ALB Plaza #16 Carr. 199 Las Cumbres Ave., Suite 400 Guaynabo, PR 00969 (787) 474‘5447

Lcdo. Alejandro M Guzman 127 East De Diego St. Mayaguez, PR 0680 (787) 834‘5814

Naomi Jusino Blvd. Luis A Ferré 2734 Ponce, PR 00717-0300 (787) 607‘9588

Alberto J. Castaner Esq. 2000 Kennedy Ave Suite 204 San Juan, PR 00920 (787) 707‘0802

José M Fullana 1111 Ave. Jesús T. Piñero San Juan, PR 00736 (787) 509‘1353

Karla L Virella Sierra #623 Ave. Ponce de León The Executive ondominium Suite 1006-B San Juan, PR 00917 (787) 525‘3721

Coralice Diaz-Sampedro 1760 Loiza Street Madrid Bldg., Suite 301 San Juan, PR 00911 (787) 268‘4343

Mrs. Yahira Caro-Bergner Esq. 1760 Loiza St Madrid Bldg. Suite 303 San Juan, PR 00911 (787) 268‘4343

Miraisy Molina-Ruiz 1225 Ponce De León Avenue VIG Tower, suite 803 San Juan, PR 00907 (787) 382‘0204

Jose Emmanuel Santiago, ESQ. 623 Avenida Ponce de Leon Suite 603B San Juan, PR 00919 (787) 245‘9275

Mr. Frank Pola Jr. 500 Munoz Rivera Ave. San Juan, PR 00918 (787) 250‘6666

Rulian Rivera Aspinall San Juan, PR 00920 (787) 792‘8644

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Mr. Jose M. Velez-Alicea Esq. 255 PONCE DE LEON AVE., HATO REY MCS PLAZA, SUITE 1202 SAN JUAN, PR 00917 (787) 633‘6557

Luis A. Aviles Esq. 261 Tanca Street Suite 600 San Juan, PR 00901 (787) 999‘9629

Nailymar Arroyo Pmb 81 po box 71325 San Juan, PR 00936 (787) 484‘7246

Fernando O. Zambrana Aviles 1225 Ponce de Leon Ave. Suite 803 San Juan, PR 00907 (787) 919‘0026

Jose Rivera 115 609 Ave. Tito Castro Suite 102 Ponce, PR 00716 (787) 235‘7448

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