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Florida Statement of Client’s Rights for Contingency Fees:

Among other information, clients in Florida must be told that there is no set percentage for a contingency fee and they are free to negotiate the fee level with their lawyer.

Any practicing Florida lawyer must be members of the State Bar.

The Rules Regulating The Florida Bar are the Bylaws of The Florida Bar organization, the Rules of Discipline, the Rules of Professional Conduct, and other chapters on specific regulatory topics.

The Florida Bar provides information for the public on certain general areas of law as well as specific legal issues in our Consumer Pamphlets.

The bar in Florida dates from 1889. It consisted of a small voluntary group of lawyers when the state's population was less than 400,000. Out of this grew the Florida State Bar Association in 1907. It concentrated its attention on publishing a legal journal, drafting court procedures, and presenting occasional educational courses for lawyers. It helped provide legislative reform relating to the courts and the legal profession. Membership in this voluntary association never exceeded 2,500 lawyers. In 2004 the membership stands at over 70,000.

"To inculcate in its members the principles of duty and service to the public, to improve the administration of justice, and to advance the science of jurisprudence."

From the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar.

In Florida, the trend of legal assistants independently opening their own offices appeared to take off following a Supreme Court decision concerning The Florida Bar’s prosecution of Rosemary Furman, a former legal secretary who started a business preparing documents for self-representing persons in divorce cases. The case generated such negative public opinion toward The Florida Bar that the Florida Supreme Court eventually had to adopt a more permissive rule allowing nonlawyers to assist the public in preparing court-approved legal forms.

Legal technicians are providing a variety of legal services to the public today and The Florida Bar’s unlicensed practice of law enforcement program has not deterred or prevented most of these activities, according to a 1992 report of The Florida Bar Legal Technician Study Committee. The report related there was no regulation of legal technicians and no uniformity regarding their qualifications, education, training, or experience.

The Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security projects Florida will have 9,681 paralegals by the year 2006.

In Florida, tort-reform leaders in the state Senate are actively pressing for legislation that would sharply limit lawyers' advertising come-ons, including the commonly used "Have you ever been injured in an accident?"

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