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There are a number of top attorneys on our free Jackson bankruptcy lawyers list who will help consumers to put a stop to creditor harassment and so they can get on with their lives. 

After your bankruptcy attorney files your case your creditors cannot call you and they cannot sue you, so you can live debt free and stress free. Filing Bankruptcy is a way to make the phone calls stop, if you are being harassed by creditors.

By scheduling a free 30-45 minute consultation with a lawyer you will find out if bankruptcy can help you with your unmanageable debts. No-asset Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases can cost anything from $1,000 to $2,500. The fee does not include the court filing fee, credit report, or any required course.


Louise Harrell Atty 201 W Capitol St Jackson, MS 39201 (601) 353‘0065

Gadow & Tyler PLLC 511 E Pearl St Jackson, MS 39201 (601) 203‘3370

Tatum and Wade PLLC 124 E Amite St Jackson, MS 39201 (833) 682‘3368

Armstrong, William R. Jr 1675 Lakeland Dr Jackson, MS 39216 (601) 981‘9696

Brenemen, Jack B 209 Commerce Dr Brandon, MS 39042 (601) 724‘8852

UPRIGHT LAW - BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEYS  Serving the Jackson Area (844) 390‘3829

Moorehead Robert E Attorney at Law PLLC 220 W Jackson StRidgeland, MS 39157 (601) 208‘0181

Bankruptcy Home Serving the Jackson Area (866) 859‘1668

UPRIGHT LAW - BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEYS Serving the Jackson Area (844) 386‘1868

Nathan Bass, Attorney at Law 169 W Peace St Canton, MS 39046 (601) 407‘9167

Goss & Williams PLLC 1441 Lakeover Rd Jackson, MS 39213 (601) 981‘2800

Michael Pond 1650 Lelia Dr Ste 101 Jackson, MS 39216 (601) 948‘4878

Shaffer, Eileen 401 E Capitol St Jackson, MS 39201 (601) 969‘3006

Coxwell Attorneys P 1675 Lakeland Dr Ste 102 Jackson, MS 39216 (601) 948‘4450

Hood & Bolen PLLC 3770 Highway 80 W Jackson, MS 39209 (601) 923‘0788

FASLAW, PLLC 407 Briarwood Dr Ste 207 Jackson, MS 39206 (601) 663‘2327

Bond Botes & Woods PC 5760 I 55 N Ste 100 Jackson, MS 39211 (601) 353‘5000

Derek Henderson Attorney at Law 1765 Lelia Dr Jackson, MS 39216 (601) 948‘3167

Potter Law Firm 1909 Robinson St Jackson, MS 39209 (601) 969‘5883

Mississippi Center For Legal Services Corporation 414 S State St Suite 300 Jackson, MS 39201 (601) 948‘6752

Stover Gadow & Tyler PLLC 201-A Hardy St Jackson, MS 39201 (601) 545‘2122

Law Office of James G McGee Jr 125 S Congress St Ste 1240 Jackson, MS 39201 (601) 965‘6155

Watkins & Eager PLLC 400 E Capitol St Ste 300 Jackson, MS 39201 (601) 965‘1900

Yarbrough, Ron A 190 E Capitol St Jackson, MS 39201 (601) 948‘3101

Waller & Waller 220 S President St Jackson, MS 39201 (601) 354‘5253

Brunini Grantham Grower & Hewes Pllc 190 E Capitol St Ste 100 Jackson, MS 39201 (601) 948‘3101

Stover Law Firm 403 S State St Jackson, MS 39201 (601) 949‘5000

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