Find Free Legal Aid Idaho resources and information that can help you get the legal assistance you need.

If you are low income and need a lawyer for a civil matter in ID, there are certain Free Legal Aid Idaho programs and services that may be available to help you. Eligibility Criteria: At or below 125% of Federal Poverty and eligible case-type.

Types of cases that may be eligible for free legal assistance: Dissolution of marriage, Domestic Violence, Adoption, child custody, Elder Law, Employment, Health, Housing, Individual Rights, Public Benefits, Wills, Bankruptcy, Consumer.

Cases where domestic violence and/or child endangerment are at issue will have priority for referral to volunteer attorneys.


Idaho Legal Aid Services

Administration Office

310 N. 5th Street P. O. Box 913 Boise, ID 83701 (208) 336`8980 Fax: (208) 342`2561

Ernesto G. Sanchez - Executive Director, Howard Belodoff - Associate Director, Indian Unit Director, Jim Cook - Deputy Director, Bev Allen - Executive Assistant, Mary Zimmerman - Administrator, Steven Rapp - Technology Project Developer, Gale Lacey - Accounting Assistant,

Boise Service Office

310 N. 5th Street P. O. Box 1683 Boise, ID 83701 (208) 345`0106 Fax: (208) 342`2561

Rod Gere - Managing Attorney, Zoe Ann Olson - Attorney, Sunrise Ayers - Attorney, Ritchie Eppink - Attorney (Nampa Justice Center), Linda Johnston - Secretary, Gale Lacey - Secretary, Margie Droulard - Secretary,

Idaho Law Foundation Volunteer Lawyers Program The Law Center 525 West Jefferson Street Boise, Idaho 83702 Toll Free: (800)221`3295 (208) 334`4500 and (208)334`4510 FAX:(208) 334`4515 or (208) 334`2764 Mailing Address P. O. Box 895 Boise, Idaho 83701


Idaho Legal Aid Services

1104 Blaine Street P. O. Box 1116 Caldwell, ID 83606 (208) 454`2591 Fax: (208) 454`2593

Andy Thomas - Managing Attorney, Erik Johnson - Managing Attorney, Migrant Unit Director, John Cross - Attorney (Nampa Justice Center), Ritchie Eppink - Attorney (Nampa Justice Center), Delia Gonzalez-Munson - Outreach Worker, Margaret Vega - Secretary, Marta Santos - Secretary,


Idaho Legal Aid Services

410 Sherman Avenue, No. 303 P. O. Box 1439 Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814 (208) 667`9559 Fax: (208) 664`0931

Alan Wasserman - Managing Attorney, Carl Follevaag - Attorney, Chuck Sheroke - Attorney, Erma Williams - Secretary, Sherry Darnton - Secretary,


Idaho Legal Aid Services

482 Constitution Way, Ste. 101 Idaho Falls, ID 83402 (208) 524`3660 Fax: (208) 524`4983

Michael Hinman - Managing Attorney, Jessica L.K. Cahoon - Attorney, Tracey Johnson - Secretary, Amy Taylor - Secretary, Alicia Duran - Outreach Worker,


Idaho Legal Aid Services

633 Main Street P. O. Box 973 Lewiston, ID 83501 (208) 743`1556 Fax: (208) 743`3261

Jeannine Ferguson - Managing Attorney, Selina Astra Davis - Attorney,


Idaho Legal Aid Services

150 S. Arthur, No. 203 P. O. Box 1785 Pocatello, ID 83204 (208) 233`0079 Fax: (208) 233`0453

Angela Jensen - Managing Attorney, Fred Zundel - Attorney, Jeannie Fogerson - Secretary, Lisa Walters - Secretary,


Idaho Legal Aid Services

475 Polk P. O. Box 1296 Twin Falls, ID 83303 (208) 734`7024 Fax: (208) 734`7067

Mike McCarthy - Managing Attorney, Karen McCarthy - Attorney, Laura O'Connell - Attorney, Tina Young - Secretary, Carmen Macias - Outreach Worker, Delilah Granillo - Secretary, Lisa Tenny - Secretary, Nancy Randall - Secretary,

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