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Have you or your family suffered side effects from drugs and medication? Below you'll find a list of some drugs involved in litigation.

Find out what your legal rights are if you have used drugs linked to dangerous side effects.

Also, accutane lawsuits, avandia lawsuit, vioxx, celebrex lawsuit and other pending cases information and assistance.

Damages have been tied to the drugs listed below. If you have used or taken any of these lately you could be entitled to compensation:

  • Accutane
  • Avandia
  • Celebrex
  • Denture Cream - POLIGRIP and FIXODENT
  • DePuy Orthopaedics - hip replacement system
  • Fosamax
  • Hernia Patch
  • Levaquin
  • Lipitor
  • Meridia
  • Nuvaring
  • Paxil
  • Reglan
  • Risperdal
  • Seroquel
  • Vioxx
  • Yaz Yazmin Or Ocella
  • Zyprexa

Product Liability Lawsuit - ACCUTANE

Generic Name: Isotretinoin

Brand Names: Accutane, Claravis, Amnesteem, Sotret

Usage: the treatment of severe cystic acne vulgaris. Usually used after other acne treatments fail to produce results. Side Effects: hair loss (alopecia), arthralgias, inflammatory bowel disease, decreased night vision, degenerative disc disease, bone disease, keloids, dry eyes, dry skin, suicidal thoughts, liver damage, birth defects, gastrointestinal disorders.

High dosages of isotretinoin have been reported to cause severe facial skin redness and irritation (rosacea). Also, possible cause of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis

Accutane Lawsuits: Already 3 cases in the US have gone to trial resulting in millions of dollars in judgments against the makers of isotretinoin. Other 425 cases are pending.


Generic Name: rosiglitazone

Brand Names: Avandia

Usage: Rosiglitazone is used along with a diet and exercise program and sometimes with one or more other medications to treat type 2 diabetes

Side Effects: may increase the risk of heart attack by 43% in some studies. Increases the risk of stroke by over 27%. Also, bone fractures, hepatotoxicity, osteoporosis, eye damage (macular edema).

Avandia Lawsuit: Over 13 thousand suits have been filed. It could total anywhere from 1 billion to 6 billion Dollars.

DENTURE CREAM - Zinc Poisoning


Usage: Cream used to fix dentures

Side Effects: unexplained weakness in the arms or legs, balance problems, numbness, tingling and pain, loss of sensation or other nerve symptoms, or neuropathy.

Excess levels of zinc such as that used in popular denture cream products may adversely impact your health and create a copper deficiency in your body.


Generic Name: Alendronate

Usage: is a bisphosphonate drug used for osteoporosis and several other bone diseases

Side Effects: ulceration of the esophagus, gastric and duodenal ulceration, may carry an increased risk for esophageal cancer. skin rash, eye problems, low-impact femoral fractures, muscle, joint, and bone pain. Rare instances of auditory hallucinations and visual disturbances.

Fosamax Lawsuit: Approximately 978 cases, including 1,356 plaintiff groups, had been filed and were pending against Merck in either state or federal court.

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