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All licensed Texas Lawyers are members of the State Bar of Texas, which is an administrative agency of the judicial branch that provides a wide array of services to its members and the citizens of the State.

The State Bar provides professional services to State Bar members, advances the quality of legal services to the public and aids the courts in improving the administration of justice.

Each licensed Texas lawyer is an officer of the Supreme Court of Texas and bears responsibility for keeping the public faith by maintaining the highest ethical standards in the legal profession.

The State Bar guarantees a grievance procedure and punishes attorneys proven guilty of unethical or unprofessional conduct.

The State Bar of Texas also serves the public by Implementing a variety of public service programs such as encouraging students to stay in school, helping educate public school teachers and students about legal rights and the U.S. system of justice, promoting methods of settling disputes outside of the courtroom, and encouraging Texas attorneys to provide free legal services to indigent Texans.

Mission Statement of the State Bar of Texas:

The mission of the State Bar of Texas is to support the administration of the legal system, assure all citizens equal access to justice, foster high standards of ethical conduct for lawyers, support and provide services to its members, enable its members to better serve their clients and the public, and educate the public about the rule of law.

State Bar of Texas Address:
Texas Law Center
P.O. Box 12487
Austin, Texas 78711
1414 Colorado st.
Austin, Texas 78711

Toll Free: (800)204`2222
Local: (512)463`1463
Fax: (512)463`1475

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