Have you been wrongfully accused of a crime, felony, or misdemeanor?

Some of the most common accusations are: child abuse, child molestation, spousal abuse, domestic violence, rape, harassment, assault and battery, discrimination, and having links to terrorism groups.

False charges of sexual assault are common, with motives including jealousy, revenge, attention, or cover up.

Many times people are wrongfully accused of sex crimes by a vindictive spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend, family members, and co-workers.

A person falsely accused of committing a crime faces many of the same challenges as a guilty criminal defendant and must seek the best criminal defense attorneys available to avoid becoming another sad, tragic statistic in our prison system.

Criminal sexual offense charges demand an aggressive legal defense prepared to challenge evidence and call into question the motives of the accuser.

Because many sex offense acts have no witnesses, sex offenses are frequently prosecuted even if the evidence appears weak or the accuser lacks credibility.

Sex charges include all forms of illegal sexual activity, ranging from serious crimes such as rape (sexual penetration without consent) and sexual assault of children, to the less serious crime of prostitution (sex for hire.)

Other sex offenses include unwanted physical contact with a sexual organ, public indecency, voyeurism, pornography, date rape, lewd acts, pandering, pimping, statutory rape, unlawful sodomy, and aggressive sexually suggestive statements (without requiring physical contact.)

Physical contact is considered unwanted if the victim said NO, physically objected, or was unable to give legal consent because of intoxication or incapacitation.

Most sexual abuse and sexual assault crimes are felonies. Lesser offenses, such as public indecency are often misdemeanors.

The need for legal representation is crucial even when a person is completely innocent. A person should never assume that because he or she is not guilty and has nothing to fear or hide everything will work out fine. In America many defendants who are wrongfully accused of a crime also end up in prison. Juries not always get things right and the innocent goes to jail while the real criminal remains free.

A competent attorney or law firm will force your accusers to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you actually did what you are being accused of doing.

After successfully defending against the criminal charges, the falsely accused may be able to turn back to the court for recourse.

He or she may be able to file suit against the person who brought the charges for false accusations, malicious prosecution, a claim for false imprisonment or for a civil rights violation.

In a malicious prosecution case, the wrongfully accused plaintiff can recover his or her actual injuries, which include attorneys' fees, lost wages, the cost of any bail bond, damages for embarrassment and humiliation, and damages for harm to the person’s reputation. In some cases, punitive damages above and beyond the actual damages suffered may also be awarded.

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